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Local Agent

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Your goal is to grow your business. Your strategy includes the sale of your company's services and products to the Public Sector in Denmark. You need a local agent, who knows this segment

…….why should you contact me ?

Because we might be able to get valuable cooperation.

I am self-employed and run elisanderk aps. For more than 15 years we have provided advice and services to public companies purchasing. We know the sector: who, what, when and how. My personal network counts very important key-persons in public sector. We have strong strategic, tactical and operational knowledge on behavior, culture and decision-making processes within

  • Regional authorities (mainly hospitals)
  • Local authorities (primarily schools, elderly care, technology and environment)
  • Central authorities (ministries, agencies and state enterprises)

We have completed many big tenders and contracts as adviser to the government.

What can we do for you:

  • Advise on strategic initiatives that can open doors to the sector
  • Analyze market opportunities and monitor calls for tender
  • Prepare prequalification applications and offers
  • Advise on contract discussions and conclusion
  • Assisting in the implementation of agreements
  • Managing the delivery quality.
  • Logistics and analysis of supply
  • Help to create a good trade relation

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